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Concerned about your child's development?

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You don't have to be concerned to want more information on your child's development and how you can help. Information on your child's development and much more can be found on the KIDS website.


What is KIDS?

KIDS stands for Kids Independently Developing Skills.

This is a website and social media channels to help children and young people to live meaningful, healthy, independent lives by providing information and advice for young people, families and professionals. The information and advice is provided by health professionals from NHSGGC Specialist Children's Services.

What can I find on the KIDS website?
Interactive Child Development timeline 
An interactive Child Development timeline for children aged 0-60 months. This will help you learn about the skills your child is developing and activities you can do to help.
Self Care 
Learning to wash, dress, eat and toilet independently are important milestones in a child's development. 
Play & Leisure
A child's main occupation is play. It is through play that children learn and practice new skills, make friends and find a sense of self. These pages help you to find out about different types of play, and how you can help support your child learn through play.
Participation in education is a key occupation for children and young people. The Education pages will tell you about Education in Scotland and how you can help your child prepare.


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Last reviewed: 17 January 2022

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